Our Story

About Veggie Wedgies

Veggie Wedgies was created from our passion to bring real nutrition and taste to the snack isle. Disgusted with the various “veggie chips” in the marketplace which are not even made from real vegetables (which we were actually giving to
our own kids- Yikes!), we decided to use real Non-GMO vegetables to create a highly nutritious yet very delicious snack. Thus, Veggie Wedgies was born!

Veggie Wedgies has 5 vegetables, onions, green beans, broccoli, carrots, green radish and okra all in 3 flavors each, Sea Salt, Sichuan Spice, and Roasted Garlic . Each flavor was conceived in our own kitchen as we thought about how we
like to eat our own vegetables.You will turn your back on any other snack chips once and for all once you have Veggie Wedgies.

About Masterbrands

  • Masterbrands, headquartered in Newark, NJ, is a growing family of consumer products dedicated to our passion for exciting innovation, global ideas and health consciousness
  • At Masterbrands, we believe that the possibilities are endless and that there are no limitations to our imagination
  • We are driven to bring the best ideas from around the world to delight our customers
  • We a proud Woman and Minority Owned Business

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